Enhance Your Customer Service Skills with Amazon Connect Training


Amazon Connect and ConnectPath CX resources help elevate productivity, efficiency, and more 

Understanding the ins and outs of a complex customer service management system helps build employee skills and maximizes ROI. CloudHesive ConnectPath is a contact center-as-a-solution powered by Amazon Connect. ConnectPath extends the powerful toolset already in Amazon Connect and provides full-featured agent and management dashboards. 

ConnectPath expands the functionality of Amazon Connect while still retaining an affordable pay-per-use price and immediate deployment. There are a variety of training and educational resources for Amazon Connect where users can learn how to use its unique features and functions. Additionally, third-party vendors offer training courses either online, in-person, or through on-the-job training presentations. 

This guide explores the benefits of Amazon Connect and ConnectPath, plus training options to improve your customer service operations.  

Understanding Amazon Connect & ConnectPath

Training is essential to ensure customer service agents and management can fully use the features within Amazon Connect. Building a strong understanding of the options available makes for a stronger, more collaborative team, improved customer service, and a higher ROI. 

Amazon Connect is the base of customer service solutions available through AWS. ConnectPath by CloudHesive brings the features of Connect together and adds even more functionality to create an engaging and collaborative customer service management system. 

Teams using ConnectPath get advanced service tools, including voice, chat, text, and email routing in real-time, as well as dashboards for agents and managers to keep the entire team on track and in the loop. Managers can also leverage real-time metrics and reporting to accurately view team performance and productivity. 

ConnectPath features include:

  • Agent queues
  • Activity filtering
  • Silent monitoring and coaching
  • Team announcement broadcasts
  • Integrated scheduling
  • Real-time metrics
  • Dashboards that show agent status, time, and availability
  • Click to call back functionality
  • Click to chat with fellow agents for assistance

Managing a customer service center is complex and vital to a business. Ensuring service agents have access to everything and consistent information is essential. ConnectPath dashboards enable direct, single-tool team collaboration. All agents use the same tools and commands, making providing high-quality and consistent customer service easier. 

Why Amazon Connect online training courses?

Remember, ConnectPath extends the value of Amazon Connect. The value of taking the training offered for Amazon Connect is gaining a fuller knowledge of all the features of Connect. Amazon offers seven courses to help build skills and understanding in Amazon Connect. Connect enables organizations to set up a complete contact center operation to service customers. 

All courses are free and online for easy and convenient access and training on your schedule. Before enrolling, consider taking the course for Amazon Connect Primer. Amazon Connect Primers gives users a base set of information on the features and functionality available. 

Amazon Connect digital courses include:

  • Amazon Connect Deep Dive into Reporting & Metrics
  • Amazon Connect Best Practices
  • Building Better Bots using Amazon Connect
  • Emergency and Holiday Routing with Dynamic Messaging
  • Troubleshooting Amazon Connect with CloudWatch
  • Build a Customer Call Control Panel
  • Deploying Amazon Connect Chat

Dedicating time to training helps managers and employees better understand the system they work with daily. A deeper understanding means more innovative ideas leveraging the tool to provide the best customer experience possible. 

What about ConnectPath training options?

ConnectPath is a feature-filled customer service solution based on Amazon Connect but with three distinct advantages:

  • The convenience of a fully managed contact-center-as-a-solution
  • Training provided by CloudHesive
  • Get up to speed quickly with training that doesn’t require technical knowledge of AWS

ConnectPath is cost and time-effective. No need to be an AWS technical expert to set up and deploy a working, full-featured customer service solution. CloudHesive is a premier AWS partner and your partner in making ConnectPath perform to your needs and expectations. Set up the training you need directly with CloudHesive and get a personalized training experience. 

As a fully managed service, your customer service managers and agents can focus on customers and improving service levels. ConnectPath enables businesses of any size to deliver consistent service across all channels. ConnectPath includes real-time dashboards, so agents and managers are on the same page and using a single, unified tool. 

Other useful ConnectPath features include:

  • In-app notifications 
  • Custom directory support
  • Single click calls
  • Voice quality monitoring
  • IP address tracking support
  • Agent and queue-level management
  • Agent-to-agent communication directly on the dashboard
  • Push announcements
  • Supervisor-assist for agent coaching or escalation notification

ConnectPath pulls all the critical customer service functions into a single tool that’s easy to use. One-to-one interaction with customers, other agents, and managers is simple and direct. No need for another messaging tool – it is all in the dashboard. Having a single tool increases agent productivity, customer service consistency, and accuracy. 

Managers benefit from in-depth reporting, metrics, and a single source of access. It’s easier to train agents and monitor performance using ConnectPath. Additionally, announcements and messages are delivered to all agents simultaneously. 

Schedules and changes can be set at the click of a button and communicated to all agents at once. Communication efficiency saves managers time and allows them to spend more time on complex issue resolution and agent training. 

Are you ready to enhance customer service skills?

The importance of ongoing training and education is undeniable. The more you know, the better you can serve the needs of an organization. Training and developing skills help organizations get the maximum value from their tools.

For customer service center management, take advantage of the courses Amazon Connect offers. CloudHesive helps you learn more about how ConnectPath can provide the service and training your organization needs to create an effective and efficient customer service center. 

Need AWS technical expertise and a customer service partner you can trust? Check out CloudHesive.

As an Amazon Managed Services partner and Amazon Premier Partner, CloudHesive helps organizations improve its customer service center management and efficiency using ConnectPath and Amazon Connect. 

See what other customers have to say in case studies available from CloudHesive. 

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