Facilitating Data Migration with CloudHesive Solutions


Seamless data migration with CloudHesive

You can make data migration easy with CloudHesive. When a seamless data migration to the AWS cloud system is what your business needs, check out what CloudHesive offers. 

CloudHesive data migration process ensures you receive a reliable solution that’s scalable and secure. Moreover, the migration occurs without interruptions to existing business operations.  

The CloudHesive solution puts data security as the number one priority throughout the process. Our system is designed to make data migration secure and dare we say – simple. An accurate data migration is essential when moving to the cloud. 

When you take advantage of the AWS cloud, the first major step in your path to success is the data migration process. This guide describes how facilitating data migration with CloudHesive process allows businesses to make moving to the AWS cloud seamless, secure, and straightforward

Understanding data migration

Data migration is the process of transferring data from one storage system and defining an architecture to another. Data migrations occur when servers are replaced or changed or as an essential step in moving to the AWS cloud system. Data migrations are required whether you’re moving to a public, hybrid, private, or multi-cloud option. 

Essentially a data migration is a type of workload migration. The migration process requires advanced security to ensure the database, the data, and the transfer mechanism remain fully secured. A lack of proper security can cause data loss or corruption, derailing the migration process. 

Before proceeding with data migration, ensure part of the data migration plan is to verify the new schema is compatible with the new data system. Why is a database schema important to your migration success? The schema is the logical architecture and structure of the database. If it’s not already compatible, then the schema must be migrated as well. 

Regardless of who performs the data migration, be sure to design and develop a comprehensive data migration strategy to reduce risks and prevent unwanted surprises. 

Introducing CloudHesive solutions for your data migration needs

Modern businesses are typically racing to get high-quality products to market fast. Stopping a data migration to the AWS cloud is one way to take advantage of the access, tools, cost savings, and development speed. But, if a data migration goes wrong, it has the potential to take a business down or significantly interrupt operations for weeks or even months. 

How do you avoid a data migration that has gone wrong? Planning and a quality MSP (managed service provider) as your business partner. CloudHesive is an AWS premier partner and MSP. CloudHesive designs a data migration plan and manages the entire process for you from end to end. 

CloudHesive service doesn’t stop there. CloudHesive provides system assessments, consulting, and cloud advisory services for migration customers successfully to the AWS cloud. 

The CloudHesive data migration starts with a full system architecture review of your current system. From there, the team develops a complete cloud implementation plan, including data migration. 

Your CloudHesive team works with your business to determine the AWS tools and options that work best for your business. Businesses can choose a nearly endless variety of compatible solutions that will enhance your AWS cloud experience. 

Advantages of CloudHesive data migration approach

Our advantages include:

  • Comprehensive planning and assessment
  • Scalable options to choose from to meet specific business needs
  • Advanced security from start to finish
  • No downtime or business disruptions during the migration process
  • A team dedicated to your successful data and cloud migration

What does CloudHesive do to ensure a successful data migration?

Steps for a successful data migration with CloudHesive

The CloudHesive data migration process is iterative, meaning it proceeds step by step to reduce risk and ensure success. Next:

  • Performs a detailed IT infrastructure assessment of your current system and the system you truly need and want. 
  • Develops a comprehensive cloud migration strategy including detailed steps for data migration. 
  • Move to the mobilize phase, where we plan how to migrate different workstreams. Differing workstreams include:
    • Detailed business case
    • Portfolio discovery
    • Application migration
    • Migration governance and management
    • Landing zone preparation
    • Security
    • Business operation continuity
    • Preparing people and leadership to manage the change to the cloud system

Data migration concludes when all applications, data, and systems are fully migrated and tested. Yes, even tested to ensure they function as expected. Once your migration is complete, CloudHesive isn’t done. CloudHesive is there for customer support through full MSP services. CloudHesive can manage your workloads and applications day in and day out. 

Time to consider cloud migration?

If your business is ready to take advantage of the AWS cloud, remember data migration and planning are essential steps for success. 

CloudHesive can help simplify and ease the pain of moving complex systems to the cloud with fewer operational interruptions. CloudHesive can plan, strategize, secure, and manage the full cloud migration process. 

Consider letting CloudHesive help you create a winning migration strategy and manage every step of the process. CloudHesive specialists represent a global team with 24/7 support and continuous security monitoring. With CloudHesive you get secure, compliant, and risk-averse cloud migration and the use of the best AWS tools available. 

As an Amazon Managed Services partner and Amazon Premier Partner, CloudHesive helps any organization experience the benefits and power of the AWS cloud system. 

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