How Amazon Connect Increases Your Sales and Retention


Drive sales and customer retention with a genuinely omnichannel contact center platform

Sales and happy customers are two things companies can never have enough of. However well a business is doing on these fronts, there will always be room to improve performance. That’s why, in a competitive economy, it is crucial to continue to train contact center reps and optimize your customer service strategy. But what about making sure those call center reps are as well-equipped as possible, with the customer call history data they need, at their fingertips?

Access to actionable information is perhaps the most cost-effective way to improve contact center performance. That’s the benefit behind Amazon Connect — a flexible, easy-to-use, cloud-based, omnichannel contact center solution that gives organizations the ability to provide exemplary customer service at a lower cost than one might imagine.

Good agents, bad information

A well-informed call center agent is best equipped to provide excellent on-call service. Being well-informed entails having a complete and detailed call history to avoid frustrating clients with repeated questions. Every single interaction is an opportunity to build loyalty and retention or, on the flip side, to disappoint and alienate. Each customer interaction matters, and they matter whenever and wherever they occur.

As customers ourselves, most of us have experienced the apparent disconnect between different agents on different calls who don’t seem to have access to the same information. Yes, on most occasions, they are friendly and making their best effort to solve the issue. But when the data these reps have at their disposal is incomplete, and it’s lacking the incident-specific details that would help them solve the problem quickly, it’s difficult to deliver a positive customer experience.

As for customer service chat systems, these often seem to be on a separate planet. Interactions started in these channels often cannot be continued with an agent over the phone, which is why many customers avoid them altogether.

Amazon Connect makes great agents even better

Agents on the line or in the chatroom but, no matter how well-trained, are only as good as the information they have on hand. That’s where Amazon Connect excels. Connect gives agents the information they need to address customer issues quickly.

Retention is enhanced through the built-in, omnichannel capabilities of Amazon Connect. It has a single user interface for both voice and chat, as well as contact routing, call queuing, management, and analytics. All call and chat data, notes, and transcriptions are available to everyone who may need to assist a customer at any time. Both voice and chat channels can also incorporate the same automated interactions, allowing seamless customer transitions from one channel to another with no loss of progress or information along the way.

For customers, this means they can interact with agents using either channel and still have one coherent, helpful experience.

Customers can even work with the same agent across channels. However, if they can’t reach the same agent, all is well because the entire history of their interactions has been recorded. Customers interacting with agents on Amazon Connect don’t have to be continually annoyed by being asked the same questions.

Service issues are opportunities to delight your customers

The fact is most customer service calls are made when something has gone wrong. The quality of customer support from many organizations is so mediocre that most customers try to avoid contacting a company with a service issue. When they call or initiate a chat session online, they do so with diminished expectations.

The savviest firms identify customer service calls as chances to shine. They know that addressing a customer complaint with grace, speed, and perhaps a bit of charm is one of the best ways to enhance customer retention.

Amazon Connect’s omnichannel capabilities help improve the customer service experience. Connect gives your well-trained and prepared agents access to the up-to-the-minute information they need to resolve issues quickly with no unnecessary repeating of questions.

Many of us have had those experiences, unfortunately too few and far between, when a company has made such a great impression during a customer service call that it just makes our day. Those experiences are the building blocks of strong customer loyalty and repeat sales, and Amazon Connect helps make them happen.

Give your contact center agents their best chance

Amazon Connect will help your company provide stellar customer service with no upfront investment. The pay-as-go pricing model makes it easy and affordable to simplify and optimize your contact center operations. Partnering with CloudHesive makes it easy. Learn more by getting in touch with CloudHesive at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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