How ConnectPath CX Improves Team Collaboration


ConnectPath CX and the Benefits of Team Collaboration

Customer service and teamwork used to be secondary business concerns. Never have they received the attention they do in the current business world. Providing high-quality, effective, and personalized customer service is essential for businesses to survive, let alone thrive and grow. 

Teamwork strongly contributes to providing a positive or even exceptional customer experience. Teams that use organized, methodical, and collaborative work methods are more productive, engaged, and produce higher quality work. 

CloudHesive’s ConnectPath CX provides an organized methodology for building and managing strong, collaborative customer service teams. ConnectPath CX provides the tools and features, and teams provide quality and personalized human customer connections. 

This guide describes CloudHesive’s ConnectPath CX product, features, implementation options, and team collaboration benefits.

What is CloudHesive’s ConnectPath CX?

ConnectPath CX contact-center-as-a-service connects customer service teams, including agents and management, to each other and customers. It enables businesses to create engaged, collaborative, and highly effective customer service teams. Its features and tools build onto AWS Connect to deliver more feature-rich experiences for optimal management of a customer call center. 

ConnectPath CX leverages the power of the AWS infrastructure and AWS Connect. AWS Connect is a base tool for creating and managing a customer service contact center. ConnectPath CX extends the features of AWS Connect and provides advanced customer service tools that deliver voice, text, chat, and email routing to improve team collaboration in real time. Additionally, businesses can leverage real-time metrics and report for accurate team performance and productivity information.

How do I implement ConnectPath CX within AWS?

Implementing ConnectPath CX into an existing AWS account is as easy as logging in with your AWS credentials and visiting the AWS Marketplace. Select CloudHesive ConnectPath CX, is a contact-center-as-a-service that only requires a subscription and a conversation with the experts at CloudHesive. No need for an installation, complicated deployment, or code development. Get set up and collaborate in hours instead of weeks or months. 

If your business is not part of the AWS Cloud yet, start by setting up an account in AWS. Need help?  Contact CloudHesive for assistance getting your AWS Cloud set up and ready for ConnectPath CX

What are the benefits of using ConnectPath-as-a-service?

The benefits of ConnectPath CX go beyond the standard managed service cloud benefits, including reduced cost, low or no maintenance, and a secure, easily accessible system. 

ConnectPath CX benefits include: 

  • Improved team collaboration 
    • Unified agent interaction systems for fast, simple communication
    • Interactive communication channels between agents
    • Real-time management oversight and communication
  • Increased manageability regardless of team size
    • Monitor, train, and support agents from a shared user interface
    • Release announcements to individual agents or teams
    • Share a team schedule and holiday hour assignments
  • Built-in integration with top CRM systems
    • Get the most from your customer data within a CRM
    • Using your CRM data increases report and analytics accuracy
  • Accurate, in-depth reporting 
    • Easier to analyze and prepare accurate, informative reports
    • Increase management’s ability to measure performance and productivity with a single solution
  • Increased agent productivity
    • Easy, fast interactive communication via various channels
    • Ability to share and see agent’s schedules for availability
    • Ask questions or ping other agents for help with a click of a button
  • Improved customer engagement and connection
    • Improved customer experience through consistent, on-time, and active service communication
    • Customers don’t need to repeat information previously reported
    • Reduce the annoyance of having to contact customer service by creating a personalized, consistent service experience

Team collaboration is a complex issue. How does ConnectPath CX improve team collaboration? It provides a communication path right on the agent’s desktop. All agents use the same interface, controls, and tools making it simpler and easier to train and retain talented agents. 

Agents can proactively check availability for other agents or management and contact them directly and immediately via a chat or voice call. Get answers or help fast whenever necessary to solve a customer’s issue. 

The same shared interface helps to engage customers directly during service contacts. Agents can communicate quickly, and effectively over various channels based on customer choice. All customer history is available to any agent to support consistent messaging across the team.

No more customers having to repeat information or call back again to get a better answer. Customer conversations are saved for reference and training. No customer data is ever lost, and provides higher-quality and consistent service. 

Managing a customer contact center is no joke. Successful customer contact center management requires highly functioning agents that are on the same page. Access to accurate customer and business information is key to providing consistent, fast, and accurate high-quality service. Customers demand quality service when they need it. Make sure your customer service team has all the advantages possible by using ConnectPath CX.  

ConnectPath CX provides features that help positively manage customer experience, including: 

  • Agent action transparency 
  • Workload tracking and balancing
  • Call monitoring and recording
  • Built-in performance and productivity metrics
  • Fast communication through immediate group or individual messaging

Get your customer up to speed with ConnectPath CX

Have questions on AWS and ConnectPath CX?

CloudHesive provides expertise and support using the full AWS cloud and infrastructure system including migrating to AWS Cloud and taking advantage of AWS Connect and ConnectPath CX for a full-service, high-functioning customer contact center. As an Amazon Managed Services partner and Amazon Premier Partner, CloudHesive helps any organization take full advantage of all the AWS tools and features for providing top-notch, consistent, and effective customer service

See what other customers have to say in case studies available from CloudHesive. 

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