Integrate ConnectPath CX with CRM to Enhance Customer Experience and Call Center Performance


Enable both customers and agents to do more

Want to supercharge your contact center but don’t have the resources or cash to develop all the features you need? An omnichannel wrapper for Amazon Connect, ConnectPath CX adds dozens of new connected features at a low monthly cost increasing agent productivity, enhancing collaboration, and offering real-time metrics.

Best of all, ConnectPath CX easily integrates with your customer relationship management (CRM) application with pre-built connectors that provide the ability to access your contact center from your CRM within your cloud-based infrastructure, among other benefits. 

When you integrate ConnectPath CX, agents get complete omnichannel support, increased manageability, and supervisors get enhanced reporting. Deployment is fast and installation is easy.

What is ConnectPath CX?

Powered by Amazon Connect, ConnectPath CX, is a contact-center platform with features that empower businesses of all sizes to offer the best customer experience faster and easier across every communication and messaging channel. Designed to enhance Amazon Connect, it offers hassle-free installation, customization, and along with a robust set of benefits. 

Enhances agent productivity

Productive agents lead to higher revenue. Look at your KPIs – do they need a boost? ConnectPath CX increases agent productivity with:

  • Supervisors assist with agent coaching and training
  • Internal communication tools for agent-to-agent collaboration
  • Wall and dashboards with real-time metrics
  • An enriched agent experience with CRM integration

Enables your customers to do more

Your customers expect the information they want and need to be at their fingertips. Contact center supervisors want to be able to monitor the customer journey to both improve it and agent performance. To meet those needs, ConnectPath CX offers:

  • Self-service automation
  • Advanced natural language processing based on intent
  • The ability to offer a more personalized experience with journey mapping
  • Real-time and post-contact insights so you can act on feedback

Analytics that offer insights

You can’t improve if you can’t measure, and you can’t measure without data analytics. With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) power, you can:

  • Improve service 
  • Streamline training and improve evaluations
  • Continuously communicate with customers with automated follow-ups
  • And more

An Omni-channel experience

Some customers prefer talking to an agent. Others only want email contact, and still others only want to communicate on the spot via chat. An efficient, effective, and productive contact center offers every possible communication option. To this end, ConnectPath CX brings

  • Traditional channel availability, including voice, email, social, and chat
  • Pre-built integrations for WhatsApp, MMS, SMS, and X (Twitter)
  • Multi-use AI/ML-based bots with predefined responses
  • High-volume, intelligent outbound

In short, when integrated with your CRM, ConnectPath CX maximizes the ability to manage and connect.

About your CRM…

As its name implies, CRM technology is used by organizations to support, build, and manage customer relationships with the objective of offering the best journey possible during the entire customer lifecycle in all departments. With a CRM, all your customer and prospect data are stored in one place, enabling you to track and analyze your relationships to personalize customer service with a complete picture, and this data also can be shared and analyzed in real time. 

CRM platforms are available from multiple vendors. Your CRM should include the following features:

  • Contact management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Integrations and API
  • Pipeline management
  • Live chat

Your CRM should also include ticket management and email marketing functions. A high-scoring contact center is Amazon Connect, recognized for its AI architecture, proactive engagement, customer self-service, innovation, agent interface, and text and speech analytics. 

Why integrate ConnectPath CX with your CRM? 

It’s about optimizing agent productivity, client satisfaction, and overall contact center management. And because time is money, with ConnectPath CX, you can deploy your contact center in the cloud in less than 45 minutes, enabling new efficiencies, insights, and productivity in minutes instead of months. 

If you’re already using Amazon Connect, ConnectPath CX offers an immediate upgrade by adding new management features, dashboards, and productivity tools. It also integrates with other leading CRM solutions, such as Salesforce and Zendesk.

Enhancements include:

  • A mechanism for agents to ask for assistance from supervisors in real-time
  • Supervisors get a transparent view of sentiment and transcripts for real-time insights
  • Agent collaboration via a dashboard and collaboration gadget
  • Security and compliance assistance
  • Quality assurance

It’s the cost-effective, resource-efficient way to modernize your contact center.

The benefits of ConnectPath CX

In summary, ConnectPath CX is easy to set up and manage, is open platform, reliable, and offers:

  • Reliability
  • Pay per use
  • AI 
  • Real-time monitoring
  • User collaboration tools

You also get personal and dynamic contact flows, real-time and historical metrics, chatbots, high-quality audio, and the ability to target advertising precisely.

Your business deserves a complete solution

With ConnectPath CX, all features are built-in, implementation has a predefined fixed fee, and offers a full omnichannel solution that:

  • Takes minutes to deploy
  • Is easily scalable
  • Has nothing to install
  • Has nothing to configure
  • Lives on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and is available in all regions
  • Is HIPAA compliant

ConnectPath CX, powered by CloudHesive, blends a full-featured agent dashboard with a wide variety of cloud services at an affordable pay-per-use price. There’s no need for expensive server-based systems or resource-consuming custom developments – ConnectPath CX deploys immediately, boosts the ever-expanding capabilities of Amazon Connect, and costs a mere fraction of traditional solutions.

CloudHesive is cloud solutions consulting and managed service, and we’re experts in all things Amazon Web Services. With eight AWS Competencies, and more than 50 AWS Certifications, plus membership in nine Partner Programs, we have the knowledge and experience to help your business realize all the benefits AWS cloud offers. 

We’ve helped more than 100 companies reduce their operating costs and increase productivity with our focus on security, reliability, availability, and scalability. With more than 30 years of experience, we leverage cloud-based technology to its full potential. Request a ConnectPath CX demo, or contact the CloudHesive team today.

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