Set-up Amazon Connect Voicemail Instantly With the CloudHesive Voicemail Solution


Get your team working together with Amazon Connect Voicemail in minutes with CloudHesive’s dedicated voicemail solution

Amazon Connect offers an omni-channel customer service contact center solution that allows your team to work across all platforms — voice, chat, and email — to serve your customers in a more seamless environment. Improved customer communication and tracking create an environment where customers feel confident that your staff is competent, caring, and can take care of their needs. 

But setting up your whole office on a cloud-based voice solution can be more complicated than it looks. Get your Amazon Connect Voicemail connected and optimized in minutes with CloudHesive Voicemail.

Route voice messages wherever your teams want them

CloudHesive Voicemail allows companies to quickly and easily set up a voicemail solution that is cloud-based and connects with all of Amazon Connects other solutions. Amazon Connect Voicemail is a voicemail solution that can be associated with any Amazon Connect instance. In 30-minutes, your customers can call and leave a voicemail for any team member.

The Amazon Connect Voicemail solution allows you to automate voicemail to suit your teams, giving them the ability to get voicemail from customers via SMS or email. Amazon Connect Voicemail provides not only voicemail recordings but transcripts as well. At your discretion, the message can be sent as a transcript or a WAV file. 

Get customer out of your queue and in-touch with the right CSR

When you use CloudHesive Voicemail to set up Amazon Connect Voicemail, it means your customers will no longer need to sit in a queue waiting for someone to pick up. They have the option to contact a specific team member, even by spelling the first letters of that person’s name. All of the normal connection options are still available to customers holding in queue, but now, rather than transferring a call out of the system, it is transferred to the voicemail of the agent or team member set for queue voicemail. 

This gives you more control over the routing, and ultimate answering, of phone calls from your customers. 

Amazon Connect allows for voicemail specific to individual teams, but it also allows your customers to easily leave a message for any team member. This is helpful if a team member has been working on a customer’s case and already knows all the details. There is less need to go back through all the case notes when returning the call because that team member is already familiar with the case. This is just another step that improves customer satisfaction, creating the word-of-mouth that helps your business stand out. 

The big difference between your voicemail when you set up Amazon Connect Voicemail through CloudHesive Voicemail, and that of your competition, is when your competitor’s customer may be asked to put in an impersonal “extension number.” If they do not know the extension number, they may feel at a loss. When they call in to your team members, however, speech recognition “dial by name” functionality does away with that impersonal touch. It allows the caller to input the name of one of your team members, or even to speak the name of a department with which they wish to talk. 

Make voicemail a part of your Connect Workspaces

Amazon Connect Voicemail works as part of your Amazon Connect Workspaces, so your teams will already be comfortable with the feel of the platform. Add to that the customizable delivery of customer voicemails, and this makes a perfect voicemail solution for modern, cloud-based businesses.

CloudHesive voicemail will make your set-up quick and easy. You and your teams will have access to all of Amazon Connect Voicemail’s world-class features and capabilities, fully integrated into your cloud platform. This will allow your teams to work across several platforms without the need to learn new systems. 

When you are looking for a voicemail solution that integrates with your Amazon Connect call center, it makes the most sense to look at Amazon Connect Voicemail installed and set-up by a trusted Amazon Managed Service Partner who can help you create the best possible customer service experience. 

Set your business apart from the rest, at the cusp of customer service technologies, with Amazon Connect Voicemail. Let your sales and customer support teams do the rest. Call CloudHesive today and let us show you how we can set up your Amazon Connect Voicemail solution today.

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