What is the Amazon Map Program?


Amazon MAP for Successful Migrations

The Amazon MAP (migration acceleration program) provides businesses with expert help to move to the cloud or managed services or change cloud providers faster and easier with less disruption to the business. The MAP program accelerates the entire migration process by organizing, planning, and using time-tested best practices.

This guide describes how the AWS MAP process assists businesses migrating to cloud or managed services with less impact on the current business workflow.

What is a migration acceleration program?

Migration acceleration programs are assisted, pre-planned migration strategies that enable faster and more stable full or partial system migrations. The programs are built on previous experience and involve performing system assessments and strategic and specific migration planning. Assessing and planning ensure the migration is successful without interrupting business operations during the migration. 

AWS’s migration acceleration program (MAP) provides a tailored approach to assessing, planning, and then executing a migration of any size. The entire migration process from the beginning is managed with content, training, and expertise from AWS partners. 

MAP uses a proven, time-tested phased approach that includes three phases: 

  • Assess
    • During an assessment, gaps within the business, process, people, platform, operations, and security are assessed for AWS cloud adoption
    • Identifies any missing capabilities within the business system that need addressing before migration
  • Mobilize
    • Builds an operational foundation for the migration period 
    • Issues identified during the assessment period are fixed
    • A migration plan is prepared with AWS to ensure a successful migration
  • Migrate & Modernize
    • The AWS migration services team and migration partners assist in executing the migration plan to a successful end

MAP also provides the ability to migrate specific on-premises workloads efficiently to AWS. Specialized workloads include mainframes, Windows, Storage, VMWare, SAP, Databases, and Connect. 

How does MAP use outcome-driven methodologies?

AWS MAP uses outcome-driven methodologies, collaboration, and best practices to formulate migration assessment and planning templates and procedures. Outcome-driven means the steps, formulas, and templates have been proven through repeated use on multiple migrations that match the size and complexity of your migration. Migrations are a business necessity, meaning they must be done quickly, accurately, and securely without negative impacts on ongoing business processes. A migration period is not the time to take risks or be creative. 

Using well-proven and established migration procedures, AWS MAP helps businesses migrate successfully, on schedule, and with less risk to business assets or operations. MAP provides a proven approach to migration and reduces both the risk and the cost of the process. 

MAP provides a host of proven tools to use for migration, whether a business does the migration with guidance or has an AWS partner conduct the migration.

AWS MAP Migrations Tools include: 

  • Migration Readiness Assessment
    • Evaluates the current state of the system and identify existing issues or discrepancies that adversely affect a migration
  • Migration Evaluator
    • Provides a background to make migration decisions, including project cost estimates
  • Application Portfolio Assessment
    • Collaborative tools that help AWS partners with a portfolio analysis to create a TCO (total cost of ownership) and plan the migration
  • Application Discovery Services
    • Gathers existing application information, including configuration, usage, and workload data
  • Landing Zone
    • Security tool for multi-account AWS environments. The tool helps set up a security baseline for core accounts and resources
  • Control Tower
    • The control tower is a front-facing UI to manage the migration and the final environment post-migration
  • Migration Hub
    • A useful tool that tracks the status of workload migrations to AWS
  • Application Migration Service
    • A tool that helps keep source servers up to date and expedites the migration
  • Service Migration Service
    • Tool for automating migration for virtual workloads when a migration agent cannot be installed
  • Database Migration Service
    • Migrates data from external and internal sources securely

Of course, with everything AWS, there are additional tools for increased visibility into the migration, detailed management, precise configuration, and ongoing maintenance. 

Is MAP used by all businesses, or only for large enterprise migrations?

AWS MAP is geared toward enterprise system migrations, but the tools can also be utilized for smaller migrations. MAP also assists in migrating specific workloads only, including mainframe, Windows, Storage, VMWare, SAP, databases, and Connect. 

What are the benefits of using MAP?

AWS MAP offers a variety of benefits for businesses wanting to migrate to the AWS system. 

Benefits of using AWS MAP include: 

  • Complete migration pre-assessment to make sure the system is ready for AWS migration before getting started
  • A dedicated team of AWS experts familiar with and focused on migrations
  • Ongoing guidance and valuable resources to help avoid migration mistakes or delays
  • Ongoing monitoring and support for issues during and after migration to ensure migration success

AWS MAP migrations are fully supported with expert assistance or management to ensure migration success. No need to hire or retain an AWS migration expert. Use the AWS partner network to select a qualified and experienced AWS migration service expert, or do the migration yourself using all the guidance, documentation, tools, and resources available from AWS. 

Are you ready to take advantage of MAP?

AWS MAP provides a powerful, supportive management solution for migrating to AWS successfully. AWS partner experts are available to help assess, plan, and manage your migration from start to finish. If your business is looking to assess your workloads, create a successful migration plan and then perform the migration rapidly, securely, and accurately look no further than the AWS MAP program. 

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