• This image shows an abstract background with connected lines here and there to represent a network of computers. A hand is reaching into the background with a finger. Where the finger touches, there is a glow that encompasses a wrench and socket driver, representing update and maintenance of the system." alt="">
    Touch the Cloud

    AND: PATRICK HANNAH Let’s talk about the physical side of AWS. So often we talk about Cloud, Cloud Providers, Cloud Services and take it for granted all the physical technology that AWS has...

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  • aws-cloud-services" alt="">
    Dive into Kinesis for your SA Pro Exam!

    Introduction When tackling broad and challenging exams like the AWS Solution Architect Professional, you have to ingest a wide breadth and depth of knowledge. You could even venture to say you want...

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  • CRMs That Integrate With Amazon Connect" alt="">
    Become a Cost and Usage Report Ninja

    If you’ve been working with AWS for a good amount of time, you will likely have heard all about how important it is to have a solid tagging strategy. This is crucial for managing large...

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  • AWS Midnight Launch 2021" alt="">
    On the last episode of AWS re:Invent…

    Introduction As an AWS Professional, it can be dizzying to keep up with all the announcements, features, and service launches – with over 200 fully featured services available, and many new...

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  • " alt="">
    Tagged for Success

    Let’s talk about Tagging. Sure, it’s not the most exciting topic, so why read about it? Well, because like many things, it’s not a problem until it is! My goal in this post is to...

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  • AWS Free Usage Tiers" alt="">
    AWS Free Usage Tiers Allow You to Test Cloud Solutions Before Committing

    Looking to see which AWS cloud solutions will work for your business? Leverage the free tier of AWS to “try before you buy.” Here’s how it works. Key Takeaways: Try before you buy: Amazon Web...

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  • amazon-workspaces-and-aws-lambda-for-serverless-provisioning" alt="">
    Integrate Amazon WorkSpaces with AWS Lambda for Serverless Provisioning

    Want to automate provisioning and de-provisioning? Here’s how to leverage Amazon WorkSpaces in conjunction with AWS Lambda for serverless provisioning. Key Takeaways Provisioning and...

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  • benefits-of-amazon-lex" alt="">
    Why You Need Amazon Lex for Intelligent Cloud Chatbots

    Half of all businesses spend more on chatbots than on mobile apps, but Amazon Lex could cut your dev and operational costs while delivering a smarter automated live chat experience. Key Takeaways: 5...

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  • Amazon WorkSpaces vs. Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop" alt="">
    4 Differences Between Amazon WorkSpaces and Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

    What are the main differences between Amazon Workspace and Azure, and what does that mean to your business? Cloud computing is not just gaining popularity, it’s exploding with the number of...

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  • Amazon Connect’s integration with Service Cloud" alt="">
    Amazon Connect, Service Cloud Voice and Salesforce CTI Enable Total Customer-Facing Integration

    Why Amazon Connect’s integration with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice dramatically improves customer service and communication Customers are the root of your business. Being able to connect with...

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  • Amazon Connect Made Easy" alt="">
    Amazon Connect Made Easy

    CloudHesive provides Managed Services for Amazon Connect, helping to transform contact centers CloudHesive was one of the first Amazon-centric Managed Service providers to adopt the Amazon Connect...

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  • Should You Automate Cloud Security?" alt="">
    Should You Automate Cloud Security?

    Automation has improved a host of workflows in business operations. But should you integrate automation with cloud security? Learn how AWS helps you automate security tasks and increase protection....

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