Amazon Connect: Customizing the Caller Experience


AWS and Amazon Connect give you everything you need to build a custom contact center solution that will help you provide consistently positive caller experiences.

You’re in the know about the power of cloud computing and the capabilities “the cloud” puts in the hands of small to midsize businesses. You’ve even learned how straightforward it can be to implement your own custom contact center configured to the individual needs of your team. So, you know that it doesn’t have to be intimidating, because the greatest strength of AWS and Amazon Connect is how they empower any organization, no matter its size or technical capability, to deliver great customer service.

Your customers are your most valuable resource. They can be expensive to acquire, and your chances of retaining them hang on every interaction they have with your products, your company, and your people. When something goes awry, the telephone is often the first method your customers use to solve an issue or register a complaint. Your customers might do a fair amount of ordering over the phone as well. See how Amazon Connect, the self-serve contact center software solution, can help you give your loyal customers the very best possible experience when they take the time to call you.

Creating a caller experience that best uses your strengths

At any given time, you have a finite set of physical and human resources at your disposal to handle the contact center customer service needs of your organization. You have a certain number of workstations available and staff you can count on, and the skill sets of your staff and departments to take into account. You have to consider these factors, along with projected call volume, to deliver exemplary caller experiences. This is accomplished by creating an ideal customer contact flow, which defines each step a customer can make when they interact with the contact center. An optimal customer contact flow:

  • Minimizes the on-hold time of any incoming customer contact.
  • Maximizes the number of calls that can be handled by the agents online at any given time.
  • Gives customers the ability to select their desired departments by name or by specific service matter, getting them quickly to the agent, department, or other individuals that can best address their issue.
  • Provides informative audio prompts during hold periods that give customer contacts options to handle their issue using internet tools or have an agent call them back at a specific time.
  • Gives customer contacts the option to use an Amazon Lex Bot (powered by the same natural-speech technology behind Alexa) to handle simpler issues without occupying an agent.

Amazon Connect gives you the power, with no large IT team needed

Along with all the powerful applications that are part of the AWS offering, Amazon Connect makes all its capabilities and configurations available to you, the non-expert end user. You’ll recognize its familiar graphical user interface (GUI) once you log in. The familiar conventions of dragging and dropping and copying and pasting allow you to program and optimize Connect’s advanced features. You won’t be faced with lines of indecipherable code, and the comprehensive online documentation will guide you through each part of the process with step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions.

Creating a contact center saves time and money, and it makes you more responsive

You have set up your very own contact center. You’ve optimized every call queue, contact list, agent interface, prompt, and bot. Everything is running well and you’re meeting your performance KPIs. Eventually, though, conditions change, and performance can waver. But, since you set up your own contact center, you can change settings in response, on the fly. You have the know-how. So, you re-optimize the contact flows, tweak the bots, unblock the bottlenecks, and make whatever changes are needed to better serve the needs of your customer contacts. That’s the whole point of Amazon Connect putting control in your hands.

See how Amazon Connect can take your caller experiences to the next level

Don’t allow compromised contact center experiences to cost you customer loyalty and stunt your growth. See how Amazon Connect can help you create optimal contact flows that make excellent service experiences and exemplary customer loyalty possible. Learn more by getting in touch with CloudHesive at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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