AWS Contact Center Intelligence


Mid August, AWS announced AWS Contact Center Intelligence(CCI). AWS CCI enables customers to build powerful chatbots and AI-driven Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions, including self-service functions to allow customers to find answers or complete transactions without the assistance of a live agent 24/7/365. Along with the self-service functions, CCI includes realtime analytics, agent assist and post-call analytics to provide greater visibility to agent and customer experiences.

The services included in AWS CCI today are:

  • Amazon Comprehend: A natural language processing service that uses machine learning to find insights and relationships in text.
  • Amazon Kendra: An enterprise search service that is powered by machine learning. Kendra allows end users to find the information they need within the vast amount of content spread across a company’s websites and applications.
  • Amazon Lex: A service for building conversational interfaces, i.e., chatbots and voicebots, into any application using voice and text.
  • Amazon Transcribe: Uses automatic speech recognition to convert speech to text.
  • Amazon Translate: Provides on-demand and batch translation capabilities across more than 2,970 language pairs. Examples of a language pair are Italian to English or French to Spanish.
  • Amazon Polly: A service that turns text into lifelike speech, allowing the creation of applications that talk and the ability to build new categories of speech-enabled products.

For those of you that are not familiar with this type of technology, Google has a competing product called Contact Center AI and IBM has Watson Assist(AI for Customer Service) which provide some of the same features available within the AWS CCI platform, including functions like Virtual Agent, Agent Assist and Insights(reporting). It will be interesting to see how these three companies go head to head in this space over the next 12-24 months and how long it takes Microsoft to enter the arena.
One of the exciting opportunities for AWS CCI is how it will integrate across Salesforce given the partnership between Amazon and Salesforce. Will this be a turnkey solution for building the intelligent contact center experience for Salesforce customers?

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