What to Look for in an AWS Professional Services Partner


Your business can make the most of AWS by choosing the right Amazon professional services partner, and the AWS Partner Network is the perfect place to start.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing a company registered with the AWS Partner Network ensures you’ll get the right people helping you through your cloud journey
  • An AWS Partner will help implement your cloud strategy while keeping your specific business objectives in view 
  • Choosing the right partner depends on the priorities and needs of your business
  • Factors such as experience, expertise, certifications, and location should be considered for selecting the right AWS partner for your cloud implementation

If you’ve decided to choose Amazon Web Services as your cloud service provider, then congratulations on making the right choice. But it’s not the time for celebrations yet. The next steps need careful consideration. Making your move to AWS requires attention to detail in order to ensure everything goes smoothly — expert help comes highly recommended.

How can you find the best cloud consultants to execute or assist with your cloud strategy? AWS Professional Services companies not only have experience but also possess certifiable skills. The answer is simple: Connect with an AWS partner from the AWS Partner Network.

The AWS Partner Network

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is a worldwide network of collaborators who work together to design, advertise, and distribute client services using AWS programs and resources.

Over 100,000 partners from more than 150 countries make up this broad network. AWS Partners are in a great place to assist clients in getting the most out of everything AWS has to offer and expedite their cloud journey.

Partners and AWS work together to develop new solutions, overcome technical obstacles, and deliver value to common customers.

Why work with an AWS Partner? 

By getting connected with an AWS Partner, you’ll be able to traverse into new and diverse fields, expand your customer reach, and take your business towards more growth through the technical, marketing, and funding resources made available from AWS. 

AWS Partners are committed to your business objectives and will assist you in maximizing the value of the advantages that AWS offers. These Partners are ideally positioned to assist your firm at every step of its Cloud Adoption Journey and to help you accomplish your business objectives thanks to their extensive AWS experience and expertise.

What sets an AWS partner apart from a non-partner?

The criteria for companies to be able to qualify as an AWS partner ensure that only companies with proven knowledge and experience in the AWS domain are admitted to the AWS Partner Network. When working with an AWS partner, you always have the peace of mind that your cloud-related operations are being handled by the best in the business. 

AWS has developed specific Partner Paths through which AWS partners can join the AWS partner program. Partner Paths are intended to support and enhance a variety of client products, including software, hardware, services, training, and marketing.

Prospective partners visit AWS Partner Central after entering the AWS Partner Network (APN) to register in the appropriate Partner Paths for their organization — leading to certifications and skills validations. AWS Partner Paths give partners the edge that reflects in customer offerings. 

Once companies are registered as AWS partners, they can benefit in the following ways:

Innovation: Partners can use the latest technologies provided by AWS to delve into new products, conduct experiments, and build and offer a new variety of products to existing customers.

Growth: AWS partners can easily enhance and upgrade the value and benefits of their offering to customers with the help of multiple resources, programs, and advantages made available by AWS.

Choosing the right AWS partner for your business needs

Before going on the hunt for the right AWS partner, you need to define your exact needs and the possible constraints. 

You should be clear about your goals and what you want to achieve out of your cloud-based business transformation. Do you want quick market access? Are you looking for increased agility? Or do you just want a more cost-effective operating environment?

Other questions to ask yourself: Do you want to do the whole process in-house, outsource it completely, or use a hybrid solution?

Once the questions are answered, you can choose from the two types of AWS partners: Consulting partners and technology partners. 

Consulting partners help clients migrate to AWS and build new applications for the platform. 

Technology partners provide cloud solutions to clients, such as software that uses AWS to function. 

In most cases, consulting partners are more helpful for businesses migrating to the cloud or looking for help managing their cloud services. 

Other factors to consider

There is a multitude of companies available on the AWS partner list. You can shortlist and select the partner most suited to your business needs by considering these factors:

1. Look for partners with proven experience in provisioning cloud services as one of their core competencies.
Select a company that has expertise in the areas that suit your particular cloud objectives. You can search their past projects to better analyze their suitability to your own cloud project.
3. Companies with key team members who have acquired different AWS certifications are most likely to be better equipped. Always prioritize partners who have certifications over ones who don’t. Companies with fewer or no certifications may be less experienced on the AWS platform.
4. Check the location of the companies so any time zone difference can be sorted out beforehand.

AWS Partners can deliver top-quality professional services and help make your cloud strategy a success. However, it is important to choose the right AWS Partner to get the most out of your cloud migration.

CloudHesive is an AWS partner company that can cater to all your cloud-based requirements. Choosing us means you will have certified professionals working with you to meet your business-specific cloud goals. Contact us today for a consultation.

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