Transform Your Contact Center With Kustomer and Amazon Connect Integration


The long-awaited Kustomer and Amazon Connect integration is finally here — here’s how to get the benefits for your business

Key Takeaways:

  • Kustomer users can integrate their existing platform with the Amazon Connect CTI for the first time.
  • Agents can pick up Amazon Connect calls and queries from the Kustomer platform with the integration. 
  • The integration improves customer support with a full customer history view as soon as an agent responds to a query. 
  • Installation is quick and linear, making it simple for users without dev expertise (though a basic background is helpful). 

If you think your Kustomer Voice CRM is already as efficient and user-friendly as it gets, think again now that the Amazon Connect integration is out. 

There are plenty of reasons for contact centers to use Kustomer Voice, but there’s always been one glaring oversight that affects the agent and customer experiences. It’s notoriously time-consuming for agents to find background information on customers in most voice platforms, and Kustomer is no exception. 

When an agent answers a new call, they have dashboard access to basic demographic information about the customer, but not data like: 

  • Recurring pain points
  • Transcript history 
  • Average call length
  • Call sentiment trends

The Amazon Connect integration can bring your agents all that information and more. 

Instead of accessing it on the dashboard, which takes valuable seconds away from the customer, Amazon Connect automatically launches a pop-up when an agent answers a call in Kustomer. That pop-up contains the customer’s entire history and call analysis. 

Not only does that save time, it gives agents valuable data and background that informs their approach to the conversation. That results in a better customer experience and resolution, and it lets your customers walk away happy. 

The Kustomer CRM with Voice is a valuable tool on its own for streamlining the flow of incoming voice chats, but it’s far stronger with Amazon Connect.  

Use cases for the Amazon Connect integration with Kustomer

The Amazon Connect integration has a use case for every contact center that uses Kustomer as their CRM. Because of its open-source, omnichannel design, Amazon Connect is the most flexible and agile integration specifically for contact centers. 

Contact centers that choose the Kustomer and Amazon Connect integration can now: 

  • Automate customer interactions: Natural learning and automated interactions free your agents from mundane requests that could be handled by AI.
  • Unify your contact center: Agents and supervisors can access the entire dashboard for multiple CRMs at once, including Kustomer for voice and chat.
  • Monitor call sentiment in real-time: Supervisors can monitor the ongoing sentiment trends in ongoing calls, alerting them when it’s time to step in and provide a resolution.
  • Reduce resolution times: Connect saves personal preferences, matches customers with the same agent, and records interaction history so callers don’t have to repeat themselves. 

These use cases aren’t bound by industry, scale, or audience — choosing Kustomer for these purposes can benefit any call center by:

  • Freeing up agents’ and supervisors’ time
  • Solving callers’ pain points faster
  • Providing better customer outcomes

How to Install the Kustomer and Amazon Connect Integration

Kustomer and Amazon Connect are both brands that prioritize a clean, user-friendly experience. So, naturally, the integration comes with a straightforward installation process. 

For the best results, it helps to have at least a basic level of dev knowledge. Make sure you’re using an admin account and that Amazon Connect is already installed. Go to the Amazon Web Services Console and add your Kustomer org’s URL as an origin under Application Integration. 

Once that’s done, you’re ready to start the installation. In five steps, here’s how to install the Kustomer and Amazon Connect integration: 

1. Upgrade to Amazon Contact Control Panel Version 2

Your first step is to upgrade to the second version of the Contact Control Panel. You can do this by: 

1. Selecting Settings > Channels > Voice
2. Turning on the CCP Version 2 toggle button
3. Saving your changes
4. Logging out of Amazon Connect and Kustomer, and then back in

2. Configure voice settings

Next, get the instance alias for your Amazon Connect account and go to Settings. From there:

1. Selecting Settings > Channels > Voice
2. Enter the instance alias or Instance ID in the Instance Alias field
3. Save your changes

3. Synchronize Connect statuses

To access Amazon Connect statuses from the Kustomer interface, you need to synchronize them by mapping the statuses. To do that, you can:

1. Selecting Settings > Channels > Voice
2. Select Statuses and sign in when prompted
3. Locate any Kustomer status that is Unlinked and map it to a Connect status 

4. Grant user access to Amazon Connect in Kustomer

You need to manually grant access to agents, supervisors, devs, and other users who need access to Amazon Connect controls inside Kustomer. 

To give team members access: 

1. Selecting Settings > Channels > Teams
2. Choose Create to build a new team or Edit to modify a new team
3. Select Routing Profile
4. Toggle Enable Team Routing and Amazon Voice on
5. Save your changes

5. Sign in to Amazon Connect as a user

Users must sign in to both Amazon Connect and Kustomer before they can utilize the integration. To log in, each user must:

1. Find the User Toolbar
2. Sign in when prompted
3. Change your user status to Available

Integrating Kustomer with Connect transforms contact centers 

In just five steps, you can integrate two vital platforms that turn the corner on supporting your contact center and its agents and supervisors. 

This critical integration between Kustomer and Connect allows you to:

  • Renew customer relationships by transforming outcomes
  • Save time and resources, freeing up agents to handle more calls 
  • Speed up call resolutions to improve customer satisfaction 
  • Give your agents more background for each call 

CloudHesive can get your VOIP up and running 

If managing an integration is too much of a time burden, or your team lacks developers, CloudHesive can step in and take the reins on the integration between Kustomer and Connect. 

Working with CloudHesive, you’ll get the benefits of an integrated and fully managed call center without getting your hands dirty on the back-end. Give us a call today at (800) 860-2040 or drop us a form email to learn how we can help.

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