5 Benefits of Amazon Connect and Salesforce CTI Integration


If your cloud contact center could use a boost in on-call productivity, customer satisfaction, or any number of metrics, integrating Amazon Connect and Salesforce CTI could be the way to get it. 

Salesforce is a global expert on cloud call center analytics, and they say that the current state of analytics gives business owners a valuable opportunity to improve service quality across multiple metrics. Contact center success requires that you monitor and respond to:

  • Call time 
  • On-call productivity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Call resolution times
  • Average call handle times
  • Opportunities for agent coaching 
  • And more

Businesses that want to improve their contact center performance should look for a way to integrate Amazon Connect with Salesforce through its computer-telephony integration (CTI). 

Salesforce CTI allows supervisors and admins to access real-time analytics and take action in the moment. This means faster training, shorter calls, and happier customers. 

Here are five more tools and features that can help build a seamless connection between Salesforce CTI and Amazon Connect that elevates the performance of your entire call center:

 1. Target on-call productivity with Einstein intelligence

On-call productivity is a consistent nemesis of contact centers in an era of remote working — but even contact centers with a physical headquarters for agents may find it hard to help agents unlock better call productivity.

The Salesforce API unlocks instant access to a complete customer profile that every agent can customize by putting the information they need to access regularly front and center. Aside from custom profile layouts, the API integrates data across systems and departments for a full view of every customer and their history with the contact center (and the product or brand). 

Salesforce’s Einstein artificial intelligence uses this rich pool of customer-specific data to make AI-powered insights about each case, including recommendations for next steps, case-swarming, and cross-functional collaboration. 

 2. Increase customer satisfaction with hyper-personalized service

These days, over two-thirds of businesses consider their primary area of competition to be the customer experience. Investing in personalized customer service based on real-time insights puts you on par with the competition and shows customers that you care about their priorities and needs. 

Adding Salesforce CTI gives you new routes for personalized service and provides seamless access to customer data over the course of each call. The agent-focused Service Cloud Voice dashboard provides agents with an at-a-glance view of customer-specific data via advanced screen pops that inform each call, including: 

  • Product ownership
  • Purchase history
  • Prior customer conversations

With this information, agents can get it right the first time and avoid having to give canned answers, put customers on hold, transfer them to other departments, or get a supervisor — all actions that can put a blemish on the customer’s experience and lessen the likelihood that they’ll reach out for support in the future. 

 3. Reduce average call handle times with AI-powered recommendations 

Long call handle times are frustrating for agents, customers, and supervisors alike, but the Salesforce integration can help you reduce average handle times with Amazon Connect voice transcription and Einstein-powered AI recommendations 

Connect and Salesforce work together to give agents and supervisors a historic view of customer data from all channels in real-time, so there’s no reason to put a call on hold to go sleuthing for more information.

Along with full visibility into a customer’s history and data, Einstein analyzes each conversation and provides next steps along the way. 

This means your agents have the tools they need to handle complicated calls without needing to stop and seek assistance each time. The result is agents who are empowered to solve customers’ problems and customers who are confident they can come to you to get their problems solved. 

 4. Expedite call resolution with intelligent telephony 

If call resolution is your concern, you need to get customers routed to the right agent and department to help the first time and give your agents enough context to understand the interaction from the start. Intelligent cloud telephony puts all the information at your agents’ fingertips to solve problems faster, including:

  • Customer profile with pertinent details like product and service subscriptions
  • Prior conversations so they can see the history of service this customer has received
  • AI insights and recommendations to help agents find the next step and make streamlined decisions that are consistent every time 
  • Custom voice-enabled skills to create shortcuts with Einstein Voice Builder 

 5. Improve training with real-time insight for supervisors

Turnover and training time can be a significant pain point for supervisors and agents alike. It’s hard to consistently train dozens or hundreds of agents, but Service Cloud Voice adds consistency to the experience and optimizes it. 

Supervisors will find that the real-time contact center KPI dashboards provide instant insight so agents can be redirected in the moment as necessary. This makes it much easier to let new agents work on calls independently without giving up supervision during the onboarding process. 

CloudHesive helps you get the most out of Amazon Connect and Salesforce CTI

If you’re not a Salesforce pro or experienced in Amazon Connect, don’t fret. CloudHesive can manage your integration process from the start and stay on board to monitor your data and provide recommendations. 

From cloud consulting to managed services and beyond, contact [email protected] to learn how we can give your cloud contact center a performance edge while taking off the pressure of maintenance and setup. 

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