Our 2021 Blogs – Tips, Insight, and Advice to Make the Most of AWS for Your Business


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CloudHesive is more than just an Amazon Premier Partner and Amazon Managed Service Partner. While we help our customers adapt and transform their organizations, we also like to keep those visiting our website up-to-date on the latest offerings from Amazon Connect, Amazon Workspaces, AWS Cloud Services, AWS Professional Services, AWS Business Support, and the Amazon Ecosystem in general.

Our blogs offer insight to create a great customer experience, how to get the most out of your free trial, what the term “shared responsibility” means and how it affects your security, and more technical articles that break down how to implement some of the most important features offered by Amazon.

Need to know more about chatbots? Do you run Linux and need to know how to manage workspaces or the ins and outs of workspaces in general? In 2021 we covered all of these topics and more, and we’ve prepared an easy way to find just the information you need.

Learn about all the great features of Amazon Connect

This image shows a smiling female call center worker with another worker in the blurred background.

Amazon Connect provides an easy-to-use cloud customer service center that gives you the opportunity to offer superior customer service at scale and at a lower cost. Our blogs tell you what you need to know about customer profiles, how to run real-time analytics, and how to predict customer intent. Integrations provide even more features that provide an even better customer experience. Take a look:

Set Up Remote Contact Center Agents Quickly with Amazon Connect

An In-Depth Look at Amazon Connect Wisdom

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles: What You Need to Know

Run Real-Time Contact Center Analytics on Amazon Connect

Automate, Track, and Manage Tasks for Amazon Connect Contact Center Agents

Manage Contact Flows with Amazon Connect APIs

Provide a Personalized Customer Experience with Apple Business Chat for Amazon Connect

Managing Queues in Amazon Connect

Use Amazon Connect to Build Unified Customer Profiles

Leverage Amazon Connect and AI to Predict Customer Contact Intent

Provide an Even Better Customer Experience with Amazon Connect’s Kustomer Integration

How Contact Centers Can Verify a Caller’s Identity with Machine Learning and Amazon Connect Voice ID  

Enhance the Customer Experience with Interactive Messaging for Amazon Connect Chat

Investigate Sentiment Scores with Contact Lens for Amazon Connect

Introducing Identity Resolution for Amazon Connect Customer Profiles

Use Amazon Connect Real-time and Historical Metrics to Optimize Service Quality Levels

Extend the Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel with CTI Actions

Deliver an Automated AI Experience with Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud

Amazon Connect: How to Configure Contact Center Agent Settings in a Custom Contact Control Panel

How to Use Amazon Contact Lens to Analyze Conversations

Amazon Connect Introduces Audio Device Settings for Custom Contact Control Panel

Alert Supervisors in Real-Time with Amazon Connect Contact Lens

How Does Sensitive Data Redaction in Amazon Connect Contact Lens Work?

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect Provides Real-Time Insights From Machine Learning

All about Amazon WorkSpaces and secure, scalable, and reliable virtual desktop access

This image shows a stylized globe with various red lines coming from different directions to illustrate connectedness and access globally.

Amazon WorkSpaces offers the perfect solution for your remote workers using Windows or Linux. Your employees and contract workers can access fully functional virtual desktops from anywhere. Our blogs show you the ins and outs of WorkSpaces, including serverless provisioning, how to leverage the free usage tier, how to use AWS Systems Manager, all about security, and more. Read on:

Integrate Amazon WorkSpaces With AWS Lambda for Serverless Provisioning

Applying the Shared Responsibility Model to Amazon WorkSpaces for External Users

Using AWS Systems Manager for Software Deployment to Amazon WorkSpaces

Deploying Amazon Workspaces With the Right Network and VPC Configuration

Using Amazon CloudWatch to Monitor and Log Your Amazon WorkSpaces Deployment

Directory Services & User Authentication for Amazon WorkSpaces Deployment

4 Security Tips for Your Amazon WorkSpaces Deployments

How to Get Started With Amazon WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol

How to Automate Amazon WorkSpaces Deployment from an Active Directory Group

Use Amazon WorkSpaces Reports to Gather Insights into Your Remote Workforce

Use Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager to Centralize App Control

How to Manage Amazon Linux WorkSpaces at Scale

How Amazon WorkSpaces Clients Can Set Up Notifications to Detect Anomalies at Scale Across a Remote Workforce

Use a Smart Card to Access an Amazon WorkSpace

Still Hungry? Here’s More Great Content 

This image has an orange background. In the foreground is a slice of pie, also orange, with whipped cream on top sitting on a pie server. The hand holding the server is out of the frame.

Don’t miss these great general topics that highlight other need-to-know points of your AWS strategy. 

AWS and Beyond: The Cloud Service Providers Your Company Should Consider

How to Find AWS Professional Services to Help Perfect Your Cloud Strategy

3 Ways Businesses on AWS Can Extract Huge Benefits From the Overarching Amazon Ecosystem

How to Use Amazon AWS Free Usage Tier to Test Out the Cloud

How to Protect Sensitive Amazon Connect Recordings in Amazon Transcribe

AWS Nitro Enclaves Reduces Attack Surfaces for Data Processing

That wraps up our 2021 blogs, and we’re looking forward to providing more information and critical insights in 2022. We’ll keep using our expertise to help companies just like yours migrate out of data center environments to the cloud.

Information is power, and at CloudHesive, your power is our chief concern – your power to transform your business through leveraging the public cloud ecosystem with a focus on operational excellence, security, reliability, efficiency, and optimized costs. With over 30 years of experience, we help you leverage cloud-based technology to its full potential. Contact the CloudHesive team today.

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